IDRC Sabbatical Awards

Sabbatical Awards are granted on an “as-needs” basis and are not a regular part of IDRC’s annual funding schedule.

Recipients of IDRC Sabbatical Awards are given the title of “Visiting Fellow.” They are senior academics or researchers who have substantial research and publication records, as well as extensive personal and network contacts in one of IDRC’s Program Areas (Agriculture and Environment, Global Health Policy, Science and Innovation, Social and Economic Policy). These individuals also demonstrate an ability to work well in multidisciplinary and multi-task environments. They are expected to bring a critical and constructive external perspective to the Program Area.

During their time at the Centre, the Visiting Fellow will devote at least half of his/her time working directly with the Program and Partnership Branch (PPB) to assist PPB management and staff in strategic thinking and forward planning. Candidates will be able to focus and elaborate on research activities linked to two or more programs or to more broad work relevant to one of the Program Areas, or prospective future areas of interest for the Centre.

It is expected that part of the Visiting Fellow’s time will be spent on his/her personal research interests and networks; time allowed for personal research is determined on an individual basis.

The Visiting Fellow will work closely with PPB management and the appropriate Program Team Leaders. Depending on his/her skills, he/she will report to the Vice-President, Programs or to one of the four Program Area Directors, or to the Director of the Special Initiatives Division.
At least one month before the end of his/her term, the Visiting Fellow will be expected to produce a written report to Program Branch management detailing the results of his/her work and conceptual thinking, which also includes recommendations for future work of the Centre in the field of development research under consideration.  In most cases, the Visiting Fellow will be expected to give a presentation on his/her time at the Centre.

The Visiting Fellow will work with Program and Partnership Branch for a period of up to one year.


If the Visiting Fellow is on sabbatical leave from a research or teaching institution, the Centre will cover the additional salary costs not covered by the sabbatical, as well as a modest research and travel stipend.

If the Visiting Fellow is on secondment from another research institution that does not provide sabbatical benefits, IDRC will reimburse that institution for the salary and benefits of the Visiting Fellow. The same research and travel stipend will apply.

The number of awards is limited. In most cases, the researcher is nominated by an IDRC Program Area Director.
Sabbatical Awards
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