Mainstreaming Evaluation Theory and Practice in MENA using Outcome Mapping as an Entry Point

There has been tremendous growth worldwide in both the supply of and demand for quality monitoring and evaluation (M&E). In the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), however, both are in short supply. This project aims to support both the demand and supply side of evaluation in the region. It will do so by consolidating the existing virtual exchange platform of evaluators; exposing evaluators to state-of-the-art evaluation paradigms (Utilisation Focused Evaluation, Outcome Mapping, Most Significant Change); working with policymakers to promote the demand for learning-based evaluation; increasing the body of evaluation literature in Arabic; and encouraging the participation of the MENA evaluation community in international forums and events.

Start Date01/01/2011
Duration30 month(s)
Area Under Study[Middle East and North Africa][Asia][Middle East][Africa][North Africa]
Responsible OfficerDuggan, Colleen
Total Funding$282,000.00

American University of Beirut
Institution Address Bliss Street Beirut Lebanon
Component NameMainstreaming Evaluation Theory/Practice in MENA
Researcher NameRania Tohme
Researcher RoleCP-PROJ CO-LEADER
Researcher NameShadi K. Hamadeh
Researcher RoleCP-PROJ LEADER
Project Details
Knowledge, innovation, and solutions to improve the lives of people in the developing world
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