Evaluating Research Excellence: Reviewing and Scoping

IDRC's corporate strategy defines excellence in research as research that is methodologically sound, evidence-based and scientifically valid. In consecutive external reviews, however, evaluators have consistently noted the absence of appropriate frameworks for assessing research excellence, a constraint that compromises their ability to judge the quality of the research funded by IDRC. They suggest the need for an evaluation framework that goes beyond traditional peer review and scientometric analysis to include an examination of all stages of the research process, not just the final output. This grant will allow IDRC's Evaluation Unit to scope the intellectual and practical terrain, and sharpen the central questions for a study on evaluating research excellence. This will involve a review of existing literature and practice, and consultation with IDRC staff, researchers and donors. The findings from the review and consultation will be presented and discussed in a workshop.

Start Date06/30/2011
Duration12 month(s)
Area Under Study[Other][Global]
Responsible OfficerDuggan, Colleen
Total Funding$272,855.00

International Development Research Centre
Institution Address 250 Albert Street Ottawa, Ontario Canada, K1P 6M1
Component NameInitital Framework Synthesis
Component NameReview of Frameworks and External Practice
Component NameReview of IDRC Practice
Component NameWorkshops
Project Details
Knowledge, innovation, and solutions to improve the lives of people in the developing world
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