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Défis et opportunités pour un développement durable au Bénin, au Mali et au Sénégal

Should joining the information society happen without assessing the risks posed by the flood of equipment into African countries? What strategies and mechanisms can these countries, consumers of computer and electronic products that are often at the...

Migration, Gender and Social Justice: Perspectives on Human Insecurity

This book brings together findings from a variety of IDRC-supported projects on gender in migration. It presents a diverse but selective set of empirical, theoretical, and methodological issues from migrant-centred and Southern perspectives. By...

Femmes et enseignement supérieur en Afrique

Africa's education systems are marked by profound inequalities related to location, district (rural vs. urban zones), ethnicity, and social class. Gender inequality is particularly significant in higher education.   The authors in Femmes et...

Report sheds light on demands for accountability, transparency for large-scale land deals in Africa

In Africa, large-scale land deals can bring benefits such as jobs, market access, and infrastructure, but they can also dispossess people of land and other resources and spark conflict over economic benefits. Part of the problem is that land deals...

Political participation in Tunisia

Since early 2011, Maryam Ben Salem and Giorgia Depaoli from the Center of Arab Woman for Training and Research (CAWTAR) have been documenting how young women are engaging in Tunisia’s political life. Part of a cohort of 14 initiatives across Africa...

Sénégal : Les femmes rurales à l’épreuve d’une citoyenneté foncière

Women in Senegal face many challenges in their struggles to access agricultural land and excercise their rights as citizens. A recently published book, Sénégal : Les femmes rurales à l’épreuve d’une citoyenneté foncière, explores these issues from...

Researching the Urban Dilemma: Urbanization, Poverty and Violence

In 2007, the world became a predominantly urban society. An estimated three-quarters of economic production now takes place in cities. Urbanization brings with it the possibilities of improved access to jobs, goods, and services for poor people in...

Rebuilding Progress

This volume brings together 14 essays by feminist thinkers from different parts of the world, reflecting on problems of current patterns of development and arguing for political, economic, and social changes to promote equality and sustainability. ...

Actors, Interests, and Strategies in Africa’s Great Lakes Region

This book describes and analyzes protracted conflicts in the Great Lakes Region of Africa. In doing so, it emphasizes obstacles to peace rather than root causes of conflict. Case studies are presented from Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the...

The daughter deficit — Exploring declining sex ratios in India

In a “normal world,” the female population equals or slightly surpasses the number of males. Except in India, that is, where the situation is just the opposite, where the gender ratio — or the number of females to males — is known to be among the...

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