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IDRC supports initiatives that contribute to knowledge about agriculture, environmental change, health, natural resource management, peace, social equity, and more.

The projects we fund cover a vast range of topics. Our grantees conduct research that helps communities make decisions about resource management that will ensure a sustainable future base. They seek to improve how ecosystems can be managed to safeguard human health. They look at ways of applying science and technology solutions to improve lives and livelihoods.
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The Alliance to Scale Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship (Seed Alliance)

This project will support digital innovations that solve development challenges. It will establish a seed funding program, develop approaches for scaling up innovations, and nurture entrepreneurial leaders.

Digital revolution driving …

Unlocking the Future of Education in Colombia

Education is a key pillar of economic and social development. For every $1 spent on education, as much as $10 to $15 can be generated in economic growth. Yet, in many developing countries, education is facing a profound crisis. This project will …

Elimination of Chagas Transmission in Central America

This project will develop a Chagas control partnership strategy in Central America. It will establish research collaborations, seek new funding partners, and set the basis for an integrated Chagas control initiative to eliminate disease transmission …

Building Tools to Measure the Use of Information and Communication Technologies in Education

In recent years, several Latin American countries have provided computers and connectivity to schools in the hopes of improving the quality and accessibility of educational opportunities. The impact of these interventions on the way students learn …

Strengthening and Expanding the Promoting Women in Peruvian Social Sciences Initiative: Grupo Sofia

This project seeks to empower women as social scientists to increase their visibility and participation in Peru's academic community.

Women in social sciences

There are important gender gaps in women's participation in social …

Assessing the Climate Change Risks and Opportunities for the Private Sector in Latin America

Recognizing the importance of reducing greenhouse gas emissions from their operations, many businesses in Latin America are taking action to mitigate climate change by reducing their carbon footprints. However, less is being done to address …

Democracy Project: Building Citizenship through Schools

This project will study the perceptions and expectations of democracy, citizenship, and citizenship education in six regions of Peru. The results will inform the design of educational materials and teachers' training modules on citizenship …

Financial Inclusion and Capacity for Agency: A Strategic Opportunity to Achieve the Graduation Objectives

In 2015-2016, IDRC will provide support to a promising young researcher at the Peruvian Studies Institute (IEP) to conduct work on development, gender, financial inclusion, and behavioural economics.

The grant will support research on …

Responding to corporate strategic priorities in Latin America and the Caribbean

This grant will allow IDRC's Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean to respond promptly to corporate strategic priorities in the region, including requests from regional and Canadian researchers for travel grants, short consultancies, …

Using an Environmental Economics Perspective to Influence Policies in Latin America and the Caribbean

This project will provide funding to the Latin American and Caribbean Environmental Economics Network (LACEEP) to build capacity in environmental and resource economics in the region, including collaborations with think tanks, to influence policy …

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