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IDRC supports initiatives that contribute to knowledge about agriculture, environmental change, health, natural resource management, peace, social equity, and more.

The projects we fund cover a vast range of topics. Our grantees conduct research that helps communities make decisions about resource management that will ensure a sustainable future base. They seek to improve how ecosystems can be managed to safeguard human health. They look at ways of applying science and technology solutions to improve lives and livelihoods.
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Reducing Sugar-Sweetened Beverage Consumption in Argentina

Argentina is one of the world's highest consumers of sugar-sweetened beverages (predominantly sodas). This project will address the problem, and the rapidly increasing rates of obesity and diabetes among youth and adults, through evidence …

Getting Out of the Middle-Income Trap in Peru: New Partnership for Better Policies

While Peru experienced an unprecedented economic boom from 2004 to 2013, approximately 7 million Peruvians continue to live in poverty. This project will address the problem by assessing and testing public policies that can drive productivity and …

New Evidence to Enhance Employment and Education for Vulnerable Youth: El Salvador and Paraguay (TTI)

A decade of continuous growth, coupled with enhanced social investment, has reduced poverty and increased labour market opportunities in Latin America. However, some groups - in particular women and youth - are yet to see the benefits of this …

Communities and Spontaneous Urban Planning: A Toolkit for Urban Expansion (TTI)

Most of the urban growth around the world happens either by rural-urban migration or by high-paced population growth among second- and third-generation migrants. State-led urban planning is often absent, which creates unsustainable environments and …

Enhancing Opportunities for Vulnerable Youth: Hearing their Voices to Inform Policies

This project will address the challenge of youth unemployment in Latin America. Its goal is to inform and guide the development of innovative public and private sector interventions in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Uruguay.

Youth …

Transforming Territories (Latin America)

This project aims to support policies and programs that create greater opportunities and improve the well-being of 900,000 people living in poverty in the rural-urban territories of Chile, Colombia, and Mexico.

Poverty in the …

Coherence of Non-communicable Disease Prevention and Agri-food Policies in Argentina

Unhealthy diets have been widely acknowledged as a major risk factor for non-communicable diseases (NCDs). In Argentina, the average intake of fruits and vegetables is very low. Promoting healthy diets in low and middle-income countries involves the …

Ecuador's Healthy Food Campaign: An Effectiveness Assessment

This innovative project will address the problem of rising obesity and overweight rates in Ecuador through a civil society-led marketing campaign on responsible food consumption. The campaign will help improve food policy interventions, convince …

Evaluating New Chilean National Regulations on the Food Supply

In Chile, economic growth has been accompanied by higher consumption of ultra-processed foods and foods high in refined sugars, saturated fats, and salt. More than half of total food purchases in 2007 were in this category, with low-income …

Prospera Digital: Mobile Banking for Low-Income Women in Mexico

Prospera, Mexico's leading social protection program, provides cash on a regular basis to seven million low-income women on condition that they provide their children with schooling, health services, and adequate nutrition. At this point, physical …

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