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IDRC supports initiatives that contribute to knowledge about agriculture, environmental change, health, natural resource management, peace, social equity, and more.

The projects we fund cover a vast range of topics. Our grantees conduct research that helps communities make decisions about resource management that will ensure a sustainable future base. They seek to improve how ecosystems can be managed to safeguard human health. They look at ways of applying science and technology solutions to improve lives and livelihoods.
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Using an Environmental Economics Perspective to Influence Policies in Latin America and the Caribbean

This project will provide funding to the Latin American and Caribbean Environmental Economics Network (LACEEP) to build capacity in environmental and resource economics in the region, including collaborations with think tanks, to influence policy …

Copyright and Innovation in the Developing World

This project will provide evidence to support governments grappling with intellectual property issues in an age of user-generated content on the Internet. It will explore the difference copyright law makes to economic, social, and cultural outcomes. …

Supporting the 2016 World Development Report

The Internet and other networked technologies profoundly affect the lives of billions of people. The World Bank's 2016 World Development Report (WDR) will ask whether it is also a force for development.

This project will support the …

The Role of the Private Sector in Reducing Corruption in Latin America

This project will study private sector efforts to promote better compliance with anticorruption laws in Latin America.

Corruption, bribery, and the private sector

In the last decade, global efforts to curb economic crimes in …

Intersectoral Municipal Leadership for Health in Latin America

This project aims to build ecohealth leadership at the municipal level in Colombia and Venezuela to address health priorities, including vector-borne diseases and food systems interventions for non-communicable disease …

SCALA: Linking Vulnerable Youth and Women to Innovative Commercialization Networks

This project will test, generate, and share knowledge to promote business models that can generate economic opportunities for vulnerable youth and women.

Challenges for micro-enterprises

A large percentage of Latin America and the …

First Meeting of the Global Network of National Councils for Science, Technology and Innovation

This project will support the first meeting of the Global Network of National Councils for Science, Technology and Innovation, to take place in October 2015 in Santiago, Chile.

This network is the result of a commitment between the …

Empowering Health Care Decision-makers to Achieve Regional Needs for Tobacco Control in Latin America

As the burden of chronic diseases continues to grow in Latin America, it is a critical time to advance tobacco control policies. This project will analyze the cost-effectiveness of tobacco control policies and recommend interventions to …

Amazon Fish for Food (CIFSRF Phase 2)

The Bolivian Amazon is home to many of South America's poorest and most food insecure people. They have limited options for sustainable and equitable livelihoods. This project will aim to influence food insecurity by increasing productivity, income, …

Innovative Strategies for Employing Disadvantaged Youth: A Preparatory Workshop for a Donor Partnership

A decade of continuous growth, coupled with enhanced social investment, has reduced poverty and increased labour market opportunities in Latin America and the Caribbean region. However, young people are still waiting to see the benefits of this …

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