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IDRC supports initiatives that contribute to knowledge about agriculture, environmental change, health, natural resource management, peace, social equity, and more.

The projects we fund cover a vast range of topics. Our grantees conduct research that helps communities make decisions about resource management that will ensure a sustainable future base. They seek to improve how ecosystems can be managed to safeguard human health. They look at ways of applying science and technology solutions to improve lives and livelihoods.
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17th Conference of the International Association for the Economics of Participation

The 17th Conference of the International Association for the Economics of Participation (IAFEP) will be held in Uruguay in 2014. This marks the first time that a developing-country institution will host the conference. This project will provide …

Addressing the Emergence and Spread of Leishmaniasis in the Borders of Argentina, Brazil, and Paraguay

Leishmaniasis is one of the most significant vector-borne diseases worldwide, with more than 2 million new cases recorded every year. In South America, both cutaneous leishmaniasis (skin infections) and the more severe visceral form of the disease …

Supporting the Implementation of a Monitoring and Evaluation Plan in the Centro de Análisis y Difusión de la Economía Paraguaya

This project will provide funding to design and implement a monitoring and evaluation system for the International Economy Observatory (OBEI), an initiative of the Centro de Análisis y Difusión de la Economía Paraguaya (CADEP) in Paraguay. …

Travel and Consultancies Support

This grant will allow IDRC's Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean to respond to requests for travel grants, short consultancies, and publication and translation support related to its role in the region.

Located in …

Applying Information Economics to the Valorization of Genetic Resources

There is growing recognition that biological diversity is an extremely valuable global asset for present and future generations. This grant will allow Peru's Sociedad Peruana de Derecho Ambiental to prepare and translate a book on the valuation, or …

The Right of Free, Previous, and Informed Consultation: A Peer-Learning Process for Research and Advocacy in Ecuador, Guatemala, and Peru

This project will provide support to plan a peer-learning process on the topic of implementing the rights of indigenous peoples to free, previous, and informed consultation. It will serve to build skills and knowledge among Think Tank Initiative …

Law and Development: What's Next? Toward Sustainable Research

The law and development movement was created in the 1960s, based on an assumption that law is central to development. The movement advocated for educating developing countries' legal professionals, who would then advance reform efforts in their …

Matching Funds: Building Capacities for Quality Research in Low-Income Countries

This project will allow the Think Tank Initiative (TTI) to strengthen policy research capabilities and partnerships in low-income countries through matching funds to research centres.

TTI is a multi-donor program that strives to …

CARIAA Consortia Launch Activities and Engagement

The Collaborative Adaptation Research Initiative in Africa and Asia (CARIAA) has selected consortia to receive grants to conduct research in the program's three hot spots: deltas, glacier- and snowpack-dependent river basins, and semi-arid regions. …

Paraguay Debate: Monitoring Public Policies for Development

This project will create links between civil society stakeholders to influence policy and to enhance the quality of policy debates for Paraguay's national development. It offers follow-up support to build on previous research leading up to the 2013 …

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