Highlight: IDRC Takes to Parliament Hill

13/03/2012, Parliament of Canada, Ottawa, ON

About 40 Canadian Parliamentarians, media, industry heads, and IDRC senior staff were up early Tuesday March 13 for the Centre’s Breakfast on the Hill event. Sponsored by Conservative MP, Dean Allison, the event featured Carlos Perez del Castillo, board chair of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR), which was created 40 years ago with help from IDRC and CIDA.

Mr. Pérez del Castillo talked about the CGIAR’s accomplishments: from contributing to the Green Revolution and helping develop more pest-resistant cassava to higher-yielding bean crops and flood-resistant “scuba” rice. He acknowledged Canada’s leadership and support of CGIAR, urging that it needs to continue to ensure food security as the population climbs to a predicted 9 billion people by 2050.  

A day earlier, IDRC’s Colleen Duggan and John de Boer appeared before the Senate Human Rights Committee. The committee is studying Canada’s plan to implement UN Resolution 1325 which deals with women, peace, and security. Duggan and de Boer talked about how the Centre’s work is complementing Canada’s action plan and of IDRC’s longstanding support of gender research.

Both IDRC events were well-received.

Photo: Jake Wright

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