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The African Climate Change Fellowship Program Phase III

Climate change and climate variability are significantly impeding development in Africa. The Economic Commission for Africa argues that scientists and policymakers must learn to better manage climate risks and to integrate climate change …

Think Tank Initiative and Think Tank Fund Peer Exchanges

The Think Tank Initiative (TTI) and the Think Tank Fund (TTF) are partnering to support peer exchanges between think tanks in regions where the programs are active: Africa, Latin America, South Asia, and Central and Eastern Europe (the former Soviet …

Building sustainable peace agreements in West Africa

In West Africa, peace agreements have generally proven fragile and volatile (on average, they do not last more than five years). This cycle of ever-changing conflict and violence hinders development significantly. Research is underway to understand …

Building Research Capacity for Systematic Reviews

Technology can be a crucial catalyst for improving people's lives in the developing world. There is a growing body of knowledge on the topic, but it is yet to be fully synthesized. The Sri Lankan-based think tank, LIRNEasia is addressing this gap, …

Research into Open Educational Resources for Development

Higher education plays an important role in helping developing countries reach their development goals. Yet, higher education institutions in many developing countries face a number of challenges. Among them is the growing demand for postsecondary …

Strengthening Social and Ecological Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change in the Orotoy Watershed, Colombia

In Colombia, extreme weather is causing floods, landslides, and droughts with more frequency and intensity than ever before. These events are resulting in higher economic, social, environmental, and human costs. Colombia's Orotoy watershed, spanning …

Understanding Think Tank-University Relationships in South Asia

Growth and Economic Opportunities for Women: Strengthening Research Capacity

The Growth and Economic Opportunities for Women (GrOW) research program is a collaborative initiative involving IDRC, the United Kingdom's Department for International Development, and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. It represents a joint …

The nature and actors of urban violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo is facing violence and growing, ever-evolving urban crime in a time of unstable institutions and security, soaring urbanization, increasing inequality, and a chronic lack of basic public service including employment …

Understanding Think Tank-University Relationships in Latin America

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