Farmers at a Recipe Day
Farmers at a Recipe Day

Growing nutritious food for better health in Malawi

Since 2001, the IDRC-funded Soils, Food and Healthy Communities project has helped combat malnutrition and improve the health of poor families in rural northern Malawi. Growing a wide variety of nutritious food crops has led to stronger children, less disease, and greater food security. The team is now testing ways to help farmers cope with a changing climate by means of drought-resistant crops, seed banks, food preservation options, and community education. 
Read more about how the project has helped thousands of farmers and their families.

The researchers have also added to the scientific literature on participatory ecosystem approaches, legume systems, and child growth: 

Growing Healthy Communities: Farmer Participatory Research to Improve Child Nutrition, Food Security and Soils in Ekwendeni, Malawi. Bezner Kerr et al., 2011 (book chapter)
Gender and Agrarian Inequality at the Local Scale. Bezner Kerr, 2008 (book chapter)


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