Fair financing in East and Southern Africa: community voice through radio and participatory communications


These mp3 podcasts are initial outputs from the Fair Financing project.

South Africa FM (SAFM) ‘Workers on Wednesday’

SAFM is the largest English language current affairs radio station in South Africa. In its 'Workers on Wednesday' slot the show entitled ‘Healthcare financing: The state of healthcare and the working class’ was broadcast. The show mainly focused on an extremely topical aspect of health financing in South Africa — the proposed National Health Insurance. This show was broadcast just after the 10am news on 2 September 2009. Prior to the show, an email alert was circulated, giving information on the show and encouraging phone in. The email alert provided the phone numbers, the channel frequency and a URL link whereby the show could be heard on the internet.

Africa Labour Radio Project (ALRP) show on SABC Channel Africa

Channel Africa, is the international radio service of the South Africa Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). Channel Africa broadcasts live on three platforms; Shortwave, Satellite, and Internet. The Shortwave broadcast covers the south, east, central and west Africa. The Satellite broadcast covers the sub-Saharan region although it can be picked up as far as London. The Internet broadcast covers the entire world. The first ALRP was broadcast, on 8 October 2009. The fifteen minute pre-recorded show, ‘Public healthcare financing’, was produced in conjunction with labour journalists in east and southern Africa. Prior to the show, an email alert was circulated asking people to listen in and, if possible, phone in to the show. The email alert provided the phone numbers for the show, the channel frequency and a URL link whereby the show could be heard on the internet.

Labour Voices of the Airwaves

This show was broadcast in early 2010 on 37 community radio stations across South Africa; the reason the show was only on 37 stations and not 40 is that not all radio stations renewed their broadcast agreement with WWMP. The show looked at issues around the proposed National Health Insurance scheme. On top of the pre-recorded section, all the radio stations also hosted guests who took part in a live discussion on the topic, and time was also allowed for the audience to phone in comment and /or ask questions. ​

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