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HarassMap: Using Crowdsourced Data in the Social Sciences

Women in Cairo are now able to report rape, harassment, and assaults through Harrassmap, a pilot project in Cairo, Egypt. The goal is to change the social acceptability of sexual harassment in Egypt.

The challenge of collecting data on …

Understanding Southern Influence in Cyberspace Security and Governance: Toward a Global Network of Southern-based Cyber Scholars

The securitization of cyberspace - that is, making it a matter of national security - is perhaps the most important force shaping global communications today. It is particularly troublesome for developing countries where the use of networked …

Broadband Adoption and Poverty: Evidence and New Research Directions from Latin America

Development luminaries like Jeffrey Sachs and Muhammad Yunus espouse the importance of broadband networks for promoting development. But where's the evidence to support the theory?

Despite a strong national and regional push to expand …

Science Granting Councils: An Exploration of Policies and Practices for Building Research Capacity

How low- and middle-income countries support public science has a direct bearing on researchers' ability to generate knowledge, and affects how organizations adapt or apply such knowledge.

Although some low- and middle-income countries …

Strengthening Information Society Research Capacity Alliance - Phase II

There is a disparity between the representation of northern and southern researchers in the literature pertaining to information studies, particularly information and communication for development (ICT4D) research. An earlier project, 104921 Small …

Evolving Concepts of Development through the Experience of Developing Countries

This project will explore the experiences of emerging and developing countries in order to identify how the concept of international development has evolved and where it they may be heading. It will do so through a series of workshops convening …

Equity in Health and Health Financing: Building and Strengthening Developing Country Networks

Equity in health is a pressing global concern. Disparities in health status and access to health care within and across countries are both a cause and a consequence of social inequality. Access to health services continues to be largely determined …

Merconet: Strengthening Economic Research and Fostering Entrepreneurship in South America

The Mercosur Economic Research Network (Merconet) was created in 1999 to generate knowledge to inform the Mercosur regional integration process. Although the regional integration agenda has stalled, the network has continued to evolve such that it …

Open Crowd-Sourced Online Digital Review of Asia Pacific

An evaluation of the IDRC-supported serial, Digital Review of Asia Pacific (DirAP), revealed that the Review faced many challenges as a print publication. Providing current data and information was one weakness, given its long preparation cycle; the …

Outcome Mapping Virtual Learning Community - Phase III

Earlier phases were funded under projects 103520 and 104663. Phase II saw significant growth of the Outcome Mapping Learning Community (OMLC), and increased interest in Outcome Mapping methodology. Indeed, the OMLC affirmed its position as a vibrant …

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