Protecting youth's privacy in Latin America

Mexico and Uruguay have adopted a memorandum of agreement to protect youth's privacy and personal data on social networks. The document
the result of IDRC-supported research  has also become a key reference document for many Latin American countries.
Written by experts from the region, the Memorandum of Montevideo contains recommendations for governments on how to structure privacy-related legal frameworks, enforce legislation, and implement public policies for raising awareness of the issue. It also suggests ways in which educational institutions can educate youth about the threats posed by the social Web movement. In addition, the Memorandum informs businesses on how to protect personal data and privacy and how to comply with national judicial frameworks.

The Mexican Ministry of Public Education has since created the Clic Seguro website to provide guidance and practical advice to citizens on how to use technology safely and conscientiously.

To inform debate and build a body of knowledge on the issue, the project brought together stakeholders from governments, the private sector, NGOs, development agencies, regional organizations, and academia.   


Derechos y justicia y el movimiento social en internet (5 de agosto de 2009 - 20 de mayo de 2011)

Protección de datos personales en las redes sociales digitales : en particular de niños y adolescentes; memorándum de Montevideo

Buenas Prácticas para la implementación de soluciones tecnológicas en la administración de justicia

Datos personales y libertad de expresión en las redes sociales digitales : memorándum de Montevideo

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