Highlight: Third meeting on dengue and Chagas disease prevention

31/08/2011, Mexico, Latin America and the Caribbean

Researchers from Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, and Uruguay met in Mérida, Mexico at the end of August 2011 to continue their exchange on the eco-bio-social approach to disease prevention. This broad approach focuses on better ecosystem management, draws on the strengths of different disciplines, and builds community actions. Teams in Asia and now Latin America have experimented with its application. Read more
This was the third meeting of the 9 projects in Latin America that are funded by IDRC, the Canadian International Development Agency, and TDR. Research teams discussed their initial findings from their situational analysis that covered vector ecology, the ecosystem, the social and community context, and the stakeholder environment, including gender issues. This better understating of disease transmission in the study areas is critical for the design of locally-relevant interventions. Starting in 2012, interventions will include a combination of ecosystem-based and participatory vector control strategies and tools.
Watch a video or read more (in Spanish only)
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