Adaptation Insights: Lessons from participatory research in Africa

The Adaptation Insights series consists of nine case studies from seven projects supported by the Climate Change Adaptation in Africa program. Each brief presents insights from research carried out with the active involvement of communities at risk from climate change. The series includes case studies from Benin, Burkina Faso, the Congo Basin, Kenya, Madagascar, Senegal, and Zimbabwe.

These briefs highlight the experiences of teams applying participatory action research across Africa, testing adaptation options such as linking indigenous and scientific forecasters and creating agro-meteorological advisory tools and systems, among other approaches. The briefs were produced by individual research teams under the guidance of the Centre for International Forestry Research, through the Promoting Participatory Action Research on Climate Change Adaptation in Africa through Structured Learning project . Each research team was guided by an experienced mentor through an initiative that emphasized learning-by-doing and reflection.

Click on the titles below to access PDF versions of each brief.


Agro-meteorological Early Warning to Reduce Agricultural Vulnerability to Climate Change : The Experiences of PARBCC in Benin

How can Political and Administrative Authorities Contribute to Local Community Adaptation to Climate Change in Benin?

Burkina Faso:

Using Participatory Testing to Build Capacity for Climate Change Adaptation in Burkina Faso

Congo Basin:

The Effects of Climate Change in the Congo Basin: The Need to Support Local Adaptive Capacity


Improving Farmer Adaptive Capacity by Integrating Local and Indigenous Knowledge in Climate Forecasting and Adaptive Response


Adapting to Cyclones in Madagascar’s Analanjirofo Region

Adaptive Options for Growing Atriatry Rice in the Context of Climate Change: The Case of Marovoay


A Regional Observatory for Producers’ Climate Change Adaptation in Thies, Senegal


Mobilizing Local Safety Nets for Enhanced Adaptive Capacity to Climate Change and Variability in Zimbabwe


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